A night in Sicily, with COS & friends
Presented by Enoteca Sydney
Known for its Greek temples, Mediterranean beaches, a renowned culinary and enological legacy, and one of the world’s most active volcanoes, Sicily is an island that has it all. Thanks to its location at the centre of numerous trade routes, its volcanic soil and warm climate, the island has lured travellers and conquerors over millennia, and each left an indelible mark onto its rich cultural tapestry.

Their wines have gained a cult following in recent years and they now boast one of Europe’s most dynamic wine industries. Whilst the climate may be balmy year-round, it is a hilly region marked by mountains, including Mount Etna and the Madonie Mountains. Due to these high elevations and island ventilation, Sicilian wine has a distinctive Mediterranean personality with a freshness and elegance that sets it apart from other southern wines.

Headlined by renowned producers, COS, we bring you an evening supported by Terre di Vita and Girolamo Russo.

We will begin the evening with a Sicilian spritz before tasting through seven different wines during a three course Sicilian inspired dinner.