The wines of the Langhe area of Piedmont have been the subject of enormous interest and fame in recent years.  Particularly the wines of Barolo & Barbaresco.  However, not far north of the Langhe is another lesser known but wonderful winemaking region of Alto Piemonte.

The picturesque Alto Piemonte lies at the base of the Italian Alps and his home to many diverse and beautiful terroirs.  Also, like the Langhe, Nebbiolo is the most revered grape in these parts. 

The wines of Alto Piemonte have intense minerality, wonderful fresh acidity and generally relatively moderate alcohol compared to their neighbours.

Historically the area of Alto Piemonte was the largest and most important production area for Nebbiolo.  Formerly the area was home to 40,000 hectares of vines and today it is around just 800 hectares.  Although it has small production the quality of the wines is exceptionally high and a wonderful renaissance is occurring with the wines from Alto Piemonte.