Thousand Candles / Akarua - A Discussion on Viticulture

Tuesday, 8th October @ 6.30pm
$40pp inclusing a range of wines and snacks

There is an ongoing movement towards transparency and visibility in the provenance of our food and wines. We want to know where it comes from, what that place is like, how the grapes are grown and what that means for the final wine.

We invite you to taste and chat at the The Moon this Tuesday, where we will bring you the origin story of a wine through the viticulturalist’s eye.

Stuart Proud, vigneron of Thousand Candles (Yarra Valley) is teaming up with viticulturist Mark Naismith, and Zoë Ladyman from Akarua (Central Otago, NZ) to lead the discussion.This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from two incredibly experienced and knowledgeable viticulturalists.

We can’t wait to delve in and hope you can join us on this journey of exploration.