Grape vs. Grain
We're teaming up with Three Ponds Wines and Sydney Brewery for a special Grape vs. Grain showdown.
It's up to all of you to settle the great debate - beer or wine?

After this year's successful Beer and Curry nights as well as Wine and Spice, we're undecided which is a better match for Mekong's award-winning cuisine.

Executive Chef Tiw has worked closely with Sydney Brewery and Three Ponds wines to create what they believe, to be their best match for each dish.

​Take a stroll along Chippendale’s Kensington Street and the aromatics permeating from Mekong will grab your attention well before any site of the actual restaurant. Serving up an inventive fusion of South-east Asian cuisine (awarded Best Asian Restaurant 2017), at Mekong it’s all about celebrating Indochina's most highly prized spices, including cinnamon, star anise, peppercorns and more. 
Communal seating
​October 18 | 6:30pm